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Tune® is a passive device that reduces heat and disruptive noise in your electrical system, which saves you a lot of money on energy bills, and extends the life of your electronics and appliances.

Tune® Filter

Why Tune® is the…
The Smart Choice

Our team of experts can help you identify and solve common energy-related issues, so you can enjoy a more efficient and sustainable future.

Install Tune®
  • Simple

    Just install it, and save on your electric bills.

  • Safe

    Rigorously tested to perform its best. Plus, there's no maintenance.

  • Smart

    Works 24/7 to save you money, and keep your electronics alive.

Learn How Tune® Helped RPM Pizza

RPM Pizza, LLC is the largest franchise owner of Domino's® Pizza in the United States, employing over 3,500 team members. Tune® cut their energy costs by 10%*.

*Savings data based on analysis of existing installations.
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What You Should Know

These are the most common questions people want to know, before using Tune®.

  • How Does Tune® Work?

    Installed in the breaker box, Tune® reduces current harmonics, from your system.

  • Where does the disruptive noise and heat come from?

    Any device that converts AC power to DC (high frequency) power creates harmonics. The culprits are all around you.

  • Can you tell me about installation?

    Tune® is simple to install in your breaker box, with included instructions, however, installation by a certified electrician, is recommended.

Many businesses use Tune®
And They LOVE It

Informa Markets Logo

Informa Markets

By reducing heat in our system, saving energy, and saving equipment, Tune® is helping us champion sustainability in our business… the people at Tune® go out of their way to help us.

RPM Pizza Logo

RPM Pizza

We don't want Team Members servicing electronics, we want them focused on providing exceptional service to our customers. Tune® did that for us.

Rainsville, Alabama Logo

Rainsville, Alabama

We are not only saving money, we are already seeing savings in maintenance. We don't get 5 calls a day about the issues at the new pumping station since we installed the filters.

Starnes Quarter Horses Owners

Starnes Quarter Horses

Our typical power bill has always been over $1000 a month, sometimes over $1400. For the first time EVER, it is down to under $850!

Henkel Corporation Logo

Henkel Corporation

A good example is our water softener, which is equipped with plastic relays that protect the system. In the past, this was a problem because we were blowing these relays quite regularly. 


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